About Forest:

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A forest is a highly complex, constantly changing environment made up of a different kind of living things (wildlife, trees, shrubs,ferns, mosses, lichens, fungi,flowers) and non-living things (water, nutrients, rocks,air and sunlight).

In Forest trees are the biggest parts and its covered large area of land

In this world different kinds of forests are there such as temperate rain forests,tropical rain forests, mangrove forests,boreal forests and also Carolinian forests… etc.

In Canada, we have eight different forest regions such as Boreal, Subalpine, Montane, Coast, Columbia, Deciduous , Great Lakes/St. Lawrence and last one is Acadian forest regions.

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Types of Forests:

Boreal Forest Region:

Boreal Forest Region almost covers with 80% of Canada’s forested land. Boreal Forest Region runs east from the Rocky Mountains and the Alaskan border area across the country to northern Newfoundland.

In the Boreal forest region trees are mostly coniferous but have a total mix of different types of deciduous trees.

The northern section of the region has a colder climate and, because of this, has a shorter growing season.In this region all trees are very short why because that They are spaced further apart and don’t grow as tall as southern trees.
Subalpine Forest Region

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This region is full of coniferous forests and stretches from the coast of British Columbia area, across the Rocky Mountains, and into the mountainous uplands of western Alberta.

In Subalpine Forest Region you can find several species of trees that are also found in the Boreal forest area such as black spruce,white spruce,trembling aspen.

Montane Forest Region:

This region includes the central plateau of British Columbia, as well as several valleys these all are close to the Alberta boundary.

This is one similar to the typical forest that might be found in the western mountains in the United States.

You can find different kinds of trees found here such as Lodgepole pine,blue Douglas fir,trembling aspen and white spruce.
Coast Forest Region:

In this region trees are almost all coniferous and many species are used for timber.

Columbia Forest Region:

In This region is found in southeast British Columbia between the Rocky Mountains and the central plate as well as along the river valleys and lakes of the Subalpine region.
Trees are found in the Columbia region are similar to what is found on the Coast region.
Deciduous Forest Region:

This forest region is Canada’s smallest forest region; it extends over a large part of the eastern United States, although it is a small area, it contains the tree species of any one of the regions.

Some of the trees are found here tham might be found in the Great Lakes/St.

So many southern deciduous trees can be found Lawrence forest region but we can not be found anywhere else in Canada.
This is the second largest forest region all over Canada.

It includes the area from the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River to eastern Manitoba.

It does not include the area north of Superior lake because that is part of the Boreal forest region.

Acadian Forest Region:

The trees found in acadian forest region are very similar to the Great Lakes/St and also

You can find severla species of oak,fir, birch, maple, elm..etc.
several species of plant and animal live in the rainforest than any other land habitat

The Indonesian rainforest alone is home to 1/5 th of all plant and animal life yet it is disappearing at a faster rate than at any other time.

There are now less than 450 Sumatran tigers left in the wild as their habitat is destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations.

Most important facts about forests such as

1.All rainforests are not tropical
A sub species of black bears, their white coat is caused by a recessive gene, but this one makes harders for expert fishers to see.

Whilst most of the Great Bear rainforest is protected, parts of it are still under logging for timber.

Sitka spruce that grows there is particularly prized for making violins,guitars, mandolins..etc.
2.More than 25% of the medicines we use originate in forest plants

Rigth now only 1% of rainforest plants have been studied for medicinal properties.

Every second an area of rainforest like as a football size of pitch is cut down meaning every day we might lose a potential cure.

3.The forests are the lungs of our planet

Forests are plays cruicle role while converting C02 into Oxygen. As we pump more and more CO2 into the atmosphere the forest’s ability to regulate the global climate is increasingly diminished.
4.Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling mammal

Unlkely almost they spend more time in the trees than on the ground. They build tree nests to sleep in,

use sticks to probe logs for honey and
one was even observed trying to spear fish after observing locals doing the same.

and also very useful rainforest like as cut down to make paper and to create space for palm oil plantations.
5.The tallest tree in the world is called Hyperion trees
It’s a coast redwood from California that measures an incredible height such as 115.61m tall.

Knowenly The largest tree in the world by volume is a giant sequoia called General Sherman which has a trunk 10m round and contains an estimated 1486 cubic metres of wood.




Products of forests are universally required for the continuation of human society .

To change our society that one does not depend upon the forest and its associated benefits requires such an enormous paradigm shift that we generally do not even consider it worthy of further investigation.

Given this situation it means that it is imperative that we discover mechanisms to manage the forest for all kind of benefits it can provide, in a proper manner.

Some of countries have all the answers to all the issues faced, thus there exists a real need for international cooperation.

Loss of forest resources transcends national boundaries and affects the entire planet.

Given this, the diiferent kind of roles various agencies become vitally important in order to minimize any potential downside and to maximise the upside.

Govts, NRIs, intergovernmental panels and the like should be work to gether closely in order to resolve the pressing issues facing the forests.

In many cases a collaborative approach will provide a solution which is more acceptable to all parties, and more importent than a solution that one helpful to developed unilaterally.

Societies across the world are beginning to face up to the reality that as a species man requires forest resources – both wood and non-wood products a sustainably managed forest.

As the wellwishers of those resources our performance has to date been abysmal. It is with a great deal of emergency that we must turn that record around and ensure that we have sustainably managed forests for the generations that are to follow.

Only a long term global commitment provide to conservation and suitable development can reverse the tide of uncontrolled deforestation.

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