Gandhi Biodata :

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mahatma gandhi biodata

Birth Name                       : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Nick Name/Other Names : Mahatma Gandhi,Gandhiji,Bapu

Birth Date                          :October 2,1869

Birth Place                        : Porbandar, Gujarat State,India.

Height                               : 1.64 m

Death Date                        : January 30,1948(78years).

Death Place                       : New Delhi,India

Resting Place                   : Cremated In Rajghat, New Delhi.

Schooing                          : Primary at Porbandar,secondary education at Alfred

High School at Rajkot.

Graduation                       : Samaldas college (Bhavnagar),University

College,London (UCL).

Indians called Him           : The Father of the Nation.

Languages                       : English,Hindi,Gujarati

Ethnicity                           : Gujarati.

strength                            : Good Leadership,Ahimsa,Trusteeship,truthfulness(humble seeker of Truth).

Hobbies                            : Reading Books,spinning on his spinning wheel,Nature cure work.

Wife Name/Spouse          : Kasturba Gandhi(m.1883-1944)

Father Name                    : Karamchand Gandhi.

Mother’s Name                 : Putlibai Gandhi.

Children’s Name              : Harilal Gandhi,Manilal Gandhi,Ramdas Gandhi,Devdas Gandhi.

Influences                        : Ahimsa(nonviolence),Bhagavad Gita,Fasting,Hinduism,The kingdom of god within you.

Philosophy                       : Gandhism,Satyagraha,Swaraj,Sarvodaya,Trusteeship,Ahimsa,pacifism

Religion                            : Hinduism,with jain influences.

Known for                        : Leadership of Indian Independence Movement.








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